MSc. Bostan, I.

Idil Bostan is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering exploring cognitive ergonomics of Human-System Interactions and optimizing information communication to users.

Within the field of human-centred design, Idil currently works with the Erasmus Medical Centre, Philips Healthcare and the Critical Alarms Lab to rethink how patient-related information is communicated to nurses within the Intensive Care context.

Academic background

With an equal curiosity for both arts and sciences, Idil completed two bachelor degrees in Psychology and English Literature. In her early research, she developed an interest in user-centered design, using her skills to listen to people's stories and translate their needs into insightful design solutions. Later, her interest in understanding the human mind deeper led her to complete a master's degree in Cognitive Neuroscience, where she gained advanced knowledge and skills to measure and investigate human experience.

Currently, Idil's research focuses on investigating the cognitive aspects of human interaction with systems. She works to optimize the collaboration between humans and technology by analyzing user experience, studying how users perceive, process, and interact with technology, and applying her insights to enhance the design and development of user-friendly systems.

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Idil Bostan