MSc. Buijs, M.J.J.

Matthijs Buijs is a lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.

Most comfortable in contexts where product, company and team compete for attention to grow and flourish!

Academic Background

Matthijs graduated from the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology in 2004. He works part-time at the Faculty of IDE as Build Your Startup course coördinator, lecturer, startup coach and graduation coach.

Matthijs is a seasoned entrepreneur with vast experience in scaling up companies, (innovation) strategy and marketing in IT and currently works as an independent Startup Coach, Interim Manager and Angel Investor in various contexts. 

After graduating on 'countering broadband internet commoditization' at XS4ALL, Matthijs joined KPN where he brought multiple incremental and radical innovations to the SME market as an 'Intrapreneur', including IoT security devices, IP Pin and Video streaming services. 

After acquiring the company in 2010, Matthijs scaled up Digital Signage system integrator QYN to the Benelux marketleader that won industry awards & recognitions for various retail, corporate and hospitality clients such as KPN, RAI Amsterdam, Luxaflex, IKEA and many more in his role of VP Product & Operations before joining international Digital Signage powerhouse ZetaDisplay.

Involved in the project(s):