Bulygin, D.I.

Denis Bulyginis a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering exploring Conversational Design at scale which (in other words) is an attempt to explore how chatbots and voice assistants can be useful for large groups of users. He is interested in relations between human cognition / behaviour and Information Systems. In TU Delft I focus on conversational agents, NLP methods and supporting qualitative methodologies with AI. His direction towards PhD is based on an idea of supporting the interview data collection by augmenting memory recollection using a chatbots.

Academic Background

Denis Bulygin holds a bachelor degree in Social Science (Higher School of Economics, Russia) and master degree in HCI (Uppsala University, Sweden). After master studies he spent 2,5 years teaching bachelor students the basics of data science and information systems design. He also taught master students with background in IS & HCI on how to do User-Centered and Hypothesis-Driven Design; and along the way he learned a lot about designing for behaviour change using psychological interventions.

His previous research work was focused on analysis of players experiences in online games and esports. By using NLP mhethods I studied how players consume and evaluate virtual goods, and how they share their experiences in social media and chats of Twitch streams. The results of this research were presented in such conferences as CHI, CHI Play, GESIS CSS Winter Symposiums and other local venues