Dr. Gur, U.

Ufuk GĂĽr is a Postdoc at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering exploring Technology Management, Entrepreneurship, Innovation. She is part of the research team developing the "Train the Trainer" program for "Educating the Entrepreneurial Engineer" project.

Academic Background

Ufuk is a Postdoctoral Researcher for the project “Educating the Entrepreneurial Engineer” At TU Delft IDE. She is Ph.D. in Business Administration and completed her studies in 2016, at Yeditepe University Institute of Social Sciences, Turkey. Her Ph.D. thesis is titled “Determinants of Academic Entrepreneurship in Science and Engineering”. Ufuk worked as an Assistant Professor between 2018-2022 at the MIS Department, Duzce University, Turkey and served as Vice Dean of Academics for two years. Ufuk taught in Entrepreneurship, Digital Innovation, Cyberlaw, and Business Ethics. She studies technology management, entrepreneurship, and innovation. She was an academic entrepreneur granted with national technology fellowship in Turkey to start a SaaS company in 2017 and ended the operations in 2021.

Involved in the project(s)