Ir. Hebbink, T.J.

Tobias is a researcher at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering with his main interest in value creation.

Academic Background

Tobias mainly is a teacher and researcher at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. While trying to attribute meaning to life, he experiments with prototypes that can provide a prominent role for values in open innovation together with Marina Bos - de Vos.

As a child of the faculty, he couldn't leave it all behind so easily. That is why he is training the next generation of designers as well.

But a part of him can't stay here forever, that is why he has been going into the world and trying out different things. In that way, he has developed escape rooms and serious games, coordinated multidisciplinary student teams outside of universities, and worked on a mobility-sharing platform as product owner.

During that time he has found out that he likes it when the context is fun and adventurous. The way he's doing so is by applying gamification techniques as much as possible. If you see him walking around, don't hesitate to tackle him to play a game with you.