MSc. Morales Ornelas, H.C.

Hosana Morales is a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Her research aims to incorporate the generation of meaningful evidence for designers and health professionals into the design process.

As a member of the Knowledge and Intelligence Design (KInD) research group, her focus lies in developing an Evidence-Based Design methodology for creating intelligent design interventions in healthcare that provide the necessary evidence in relation to the desired impact.

Academic Background

Before starting her PhD, Hosana Morales joined the Industrial Design Engineering Faculty as a Master student in the Integrated Product Design program. During her Master studies, she had the opportunity to work with various hospitals (Erasmus MC, Amsterdam UMC), companies (Philips Design) and institutions (National eHealth Living Lab) in the development of intelligent products that improved user experience in the product and service design field. At the end of her Master studies, she received a grade of 10 for her MSc thesis project and obtained a Medical Design Specialisation.

Previous to her arrival in The Netherlands, Hosana graduated with Honours from the Industrial Design BSc program at the Tecnológico de Monterrey located in Guadalajara, Mexico, and worked as a Mechanical Designer for almost one and a half years.

Lectures and/or coaches students on:

  • Educational activities
    Mentor of Master graduation projects involving the design and development of Intelligent Product-Service Systems for healthcare.
  • Teaching activities
    Coach of MSc course: Advanced Concept Design (ID4170)
    Coach of MSc elective course: Prototyping Connected Products (ID5415)
    Coach of BSc elective course: Designing Connected experiences (IO3010-18)