Dr. ir. Vermeeren, A.P.O.S.

Arnold Vermeeren is associate professor of Experience and Interaction Design at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. His main interests are in experience design and assessment, specifically in the area of museum experience design.

Academic Background

After graduating at the faculty of IDE on a ‘Future User Interface Design’ project for Océ Nederland BV, Arnold engaged in research at Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology. Initially focusing on methodological aspects of designing for usability (gaining his PhD in 2009), his research focus then broadened and shifted towards fundamentals of user experience design and evaluation (UX), specifically temporal aspects of UX, and on Design-Inclusive UX research. Since 2015, his main research interest is in Museum Experiences Design Research, where he focuses on transformative museum experience design. Transformative experiences are experiences that support people in dealing with processes of changing values, motivations, attitudes and behaviour in relation to societal transitions. Enabling designers to design for such experiences contributes to designers tackling the challenges of societal transitions in an increasingly complex world.


I am coordinator of the MuseumFutures Lab (a Delft design Lab) and working in the faculty’s Human Centred Design Department (section Human Information Communication Design). I am involved in Bachelor and Master courses related to Interaction and Experience Design and supervise Master Graduate students in projects mainly on Museum Experience Design (specifically, Transformative Museum Experiences).


Museum Experience Design: Crowds, Ecosystems and Novel Technologies
Arnold Vermeeren, Licia Calvi and Amalia Sabiescu
eBook ISBN: 978-3-319-58550-5
Published in 2018