Ir. Vledder, G.

Gerbera Vledder is a PhD researcher for the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) at the Delft University of Technology. As part of the Sustainable Design Engineering (SDE) department Gerbera focuses her research on comfort and ergonomics in person transport with a specific interest in the transition to sustainable mobility and sleeping in transportation. 

In her research Gerbera dives into the topic of interior comfort elements and their influence on passenger comfort/experience in different transport modes. She aims to apply the knowledge of comfort in making the mobility sector more sustainable and to stimulate travel by alternative transport modes competing with European regional jet engine airplane flights. Her research includes analysis of comfort factors in Turboprop airplanes, trains, and sleeper trains. With a focus on upright sleeping postures, influence of noise, vibration, and seat qualities.

Academic Background

Before starting her PhD, Gerbera worked for BYD Europe as a design engineer working on electric busses, getting acquainted with electric vehicles, vehicle development, and the public transport sector. Gerbera completed her bachelor Industrial Design Engineering (IDE), and master Integrated Product Design (IPD) at the Delft University of Technology. Her master thesis involved the redesign of a business class armrest for RECARO aircraft seating, exploring the topic of human ergonomics and relieving stress in arm, shoulder, and neck during in-flight entertainment.


  • 2021 – Present
    PhD candidate Comfort in sustainable travel, Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft
  • 2014 – 2017
    Integrated product Design (MSc), TU Delft
  • 2011 – 2014
    Industrial Design Engineering (BSc), TU Delft


  • 2019 – 2021
    R&D Design Engineer, BYD Europe, Schiedam The Netherlands
  • 2018
    Product design intern, Design Studio Bananagun, Rotterdam the Netherlands
  • 2016
    Packaging design intern, Stratcom (glba), Johannesburg South-Africa

Involved in the project(s)