Mentor Alumni Programme (MAP)

Take the chance to become an alumnus mentor and help current students to map their future!

The AE Mentor Alumni Programme (MAP) connects Aerospace Engineering alumni as mentors to AE students. Alumni use their valuable experience to advise students and discuss their study paths, ambitions and future careers. For alumni this is an opportunity to give something back to their former faculty, strengthen their coaching and advising skills and connect to the innovative thinking of ambitious and bright students outside of their current working environment. It might also be a good way to connect to your possible future colleague and create exposure for your current employer. 

We are excited to see that this programme, that started in 2016, has already resulted in over 550 students being inspired by our alumni and keeps on growing every year. 

Programme facts:

  • MAP runs two times per academic year: from October till February and from March till July
  • A minimum of 2 contact hours per month is set for each mentor-mentee couple
  • Contact can either be in person, or by phone/Skype calls and is initiated by the student
  • Alumni mentors are required to have been working for at least 1 year since they graduated

Interested, or do you have any questions or remarks? Pease send an email to