We educate and research to advance the frontiers of space systems and missions, spaceflight and planetary science for the benefit of society.

Space is an indispensable part of our daily life. It is crucial for meeting today’s and tomorrow’s societal needs, such as finding answers to climate change, population growth, and global access to information. Spaceflight also enables us to explore our solar system. The exploitation of Space will accelerate with better science, skilful engineers, and capable services for the benefit of mankind. At the same time, growing risks must be tackled by securing access to space and reducing space debris. The Department of Space Engineering is unique world-wide in its capabilities to innovate for Space: from concept to application and from launch to end-of-life. It educates scientists and engineers and inspires research to make the Space domain more valuable, accessible, and safe, and to better understand the Earth, our solar system, and beyond.

The Department consists of four sections: Astrodynamics and Space Missions, Space Systems Engineering, Space Instrumentation, and Planetary Exploration. The Department operates a cleanroom facility for the design, integration, and verification of assemblies up to entire satellites. It is an active member of the TU Delft Space Institute.