Career prospects

Job opportunities

To help satisfy society’s growing need for highly qualified applied earth-scientists, the partner universities together offer the Joint Master’s Programme. Those who successfully complete the programme of study and research are well qualified in applied geophysics related either to exploration and exploitation of energy including geothermal and hydrocarbon, or to environmental and engineering investigations. They will also acquire a solid background in the other specialties in applied sciences.

Our graduates work in a wide variety of companies and government institutes in geothermal, mining, oil and gas exploration/management sectors and in civil and environmental engineering industries. Some students sign up for PhD research in various parts of the world. Others find employment outside geophysics, for example, in consultancy companies and financial institutions.

Employment of our alumni:
PhD, Postdoc and University (44%) Exploration-related industry (27%) Other, such as consultancy and banks (29%)

What kind of jobs do alumni have?

  • PhD
  • Jobs at exploration companies
  • Jobs at energy companies
  • Jobs at engineering companies