Entering a 90 nm Life!!!


From deciding to study in TU Delft to vaulting of being a 7nm technology node IC designer, I was put on fire grate of decision making every time (I took a virtuous decision, every single time). The very moment I had an admit letter from TU Delft, I was obstinate about anything that was coming my way (even the worst 32 mph wind).

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I am sure the semiconductor nerds will figure out from the blog title that I am pursuing my masters in Microelectronics – Digital Systems track, here in Technical University Delft. My predilection for electronics is a multifaceted thing. The embryonic idea of knowing where the line of code sits inside a microprocessor triggered the essence of passion towards Digital Electronics (back in 12th grade).

I completed my bachelor’s in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Gogte Institute of Technology, Belagavi, India. Before jumping into this colossal ocean of miniature MOSFET world, I worked on Battery ECU development for Daimler’s maiden Electric Bus (eCitaro) for two years. Yep, you read it right, all the way from high voltage to ultra-micron technology. 

The previous visits to Germany for test trails of eCitaro acted as a catalyst to learn vignettes of interdisciplinary technical culture incisively, in turn conspicuously, prompted me to pursue my master’s in Europe. Frankly speaking, I was already pre sensitized to the European culture, but The Netherlands is different in every possible way. Be it the gloomy rain days or sudden bright sunshine and shimmering canal water or the addictive piquant Stroop waffles, quarter one passed by in the blink of an eye, I am still trying to sync in.

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