Amitabh Yadav

After completing my Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from Dehradun, India, I was a Summer Student at CERN. It was here that I found my passion for Physics and Computing. I was always confident I wanted to pursue higher studies and I wanted to learn the aspect of Electronics that transforms computer applications to computer arithmetic and down to processor logic. At TU Delft, I found just that! I study Computer Engineering with specialization in computer architecture and processor design.

Computer Engineering group at TU Delft offers specialization in In-Memory Computation, Reconfigurable Architectures, Big-Data Architectures, Dependable Nano-Computing and Quantum Computing. These areas of study are what the next generation of computing would be! After I attended my first few lectures of Quantum Information and Advanced Computing Systems, I knew I was at the right place and I had to pursue Quantum Computing. TU Delft and QuTech have an excellent infrastructure where research in the field of Quantum Computing is absolutely state-of-the-art. In no time, I had already programmed my first quantum algorithm that we ran on simulators and the IBM-Q Quantum Computer.

The best thing about masters at TU Delft is the peaceful learning environment and the flexibility of choosing courses. We are free to make our own study plan and explore our interests. I would suggest others who opting this program to explore their interests in different areas and make the best of your time at TU Delft.