PhD or EngD?

Engineering Doctorate: a practice-based alternative to a PhD

Do you want a more design-oriented approach? Check out our Engineering Doctorate programmes (EngD). This design-traineeship offers you an application-focused alternative to a PhD position, and provides you with a solid basis for an accelerated start of your industrial career.

Difference between PhD and EngD

Although PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) and EngD (Engineering Doctorate) are both recognised as postgraduate degrees, they are not the same. A PhD is focused on scientific research, and an EngD is a design-oriented engineering doctorate which is best suited to the direct needs for product, process and system innovation of industry and society. Which one suits you best?



Four years

Two years

You are shifting the boundaries of knowledge by fundamental research

You are creating innovative designs for industry and society by applying scientific knowledge

You focus on a contribution to scientific knowledge that may help solve societal challenges

You focus on the creation of (technological) designs and innovations

You mainly work at the TU Delft campus

You work both at the TU Delft campus and the (mostly) industrial partnerā€™s location

You aim at a career in science or scientific leadership roles in industry

You aim at a career in technological design and innovation and technological leadership roles in industry



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