D.S.B.V. Punch

Student basketball society for all level of level of players.

D.S.B.V. Punch is an energetic standalone student basketball society. Our was founded in 1952 and has over 200 active basketball players, with eight competitive men’s and three competitive women’s teams. Furthermore, we have two non-competitive teams. This means you can join at any level, with or without basketball experience.

Punch Basketball is an internationally oriented society that welcomes everyone. Not only does Punch offer practices and games, but also internal & international tournaments, pubquizes and many more fun activities on a regular basis.

Internal tournaments

We organize internal tournaments after each quarter's exams to break up the exams. During these tournaments all the regular ladies and men's teams get mixed up together, so it's a great chance to meet and play with the other Punchers from different levels and teams.

D.S.B.V. Punch

Requirements to join:
TU Delft student, PHD


We organize various activities: an international tournament and internal tournaments, pub-quizzes and other social events. Our players are fans of our famous Pub-quiz and "Beers-and-Bites". These are two evenings where we all get together outside of the basketball court to share a beer and a good night out. On average, we organize an activity every two or three weeks to get together and create a better team spirit and get to know the other Punch players.

International Tournament

Every year our players look forward to our International Tournament. We invite teams from all over the world for three days of playing basketball games and two nights of parties. It's a really crazy weekend with little sleep but lots of fun.
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