D.S.K.V. IJzersterk

D.S.K.V. IJzersterk is a student association dedicated to competing and making friends in the sports of powerlifting and olympic weightlifting.

Our association tries to take the interest in powerlifting and olympic weightlifting and take it to a new level. Competing in the sports is encouraged, and we try to coach each other to bring everyone to their full potential. Especially within the sport of powerlifting, we have built quite a strong and knowledgable group of people, some of whom even compete in European and world championships. In weightlifting, we are trying to get to this same level; recently we had an athlete compete in national championships. Certainly some of our members are happy to teach you the olympic lifts in great detail!

Though we enjoy seeing our members lift big weights, you are not required to be strong to join. You simply need a strong interest – we can help you bring your interest to its physical manifestation!

Of course we don’t only compete; like any association we also want to make friends. For that, we have a weekly training session on Saturdays that any member can join; and, with the covid restrictions being lifted, regular activities such as drinks, all-you-can-eat parties to feed those hungry muscles, bowling, movie nights, karaoke, holiday trips, and more!

So, to summarize, we are looking for members who want to take their interest in powerlifting or weightlifting to a new level and who want to make friends who have the same interest.

D.S.K.V. IJzersterk

Requirements to join:
You have to be a student under 30 years old.

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