ISSTUD is a non-for-profit, nonpartisan, non-political and, non-religious Iranian student association.
We are committed to supporting the newcomer, existing and graduated students, (BSc, MSc, PhD) by being the voice of students and promoting an effective connection between our society members and the board of TU Delft. Our utmost effort is to help students feel at home.

As an international student association, we try to promote a cross-cultural dialogue between Iranians students and the international community at TU Delft. We organize year-round cultural activities of which the most important ones are Yalda and Nowruz. Our weekly entertainment programs like book club, game and movie nights together with various educational workshops offer a variety range of activities to assist students and graduates to have a better life in the Netherlands and integrate easier with the local culture.

To find out more about our activities and events, please visit our website