PhD & Postdoc 360° Poster Event PowerWeb Institute

07 oktober 2021 14:00 t/m 16:30 - Locatie: Online

On Thursday 7 October at 14:00 CET the TU Delft PowerWeb Institute organizes a 360° poster event.

The poster event will be an online event where all researchers in the field of Smart Grids, Intelligent and Integrated Energy Systems are welcome to join and get connected!

We expecially invite PhD candidates and Postdoctoral students to register for this event. Please join to pitch your research with a poster and receive input from your colleagues and (daily-)supervisors. You then also give input to your peers - that makes the circle complete!

Your invitation by our moderators: Dr. Aleksandra Lekic and Dr. Pedro Vergara:

All posters will be hung upfront in the permanent 360° environment that you can enter here or via the button on the side!
So eternal fame is guaranteed!
In this virtual world you will be welcomed and guided along the posters, you will find tips and tricks on how to make posters and how to present them. You can get in contact with the other researchers and leave them messages.
And you can enter the actual online pitching event on October 7th.

In the gallery there is an option for all audience to vote for their favorite poster: which one 1) Has the best visualization; 2) Is the most inspiring and 3) Is the most innovative
The 3 winners will be rewarded by the PowerWeb Institute!

The event includes lectures by:
• Peter Palensky, Chair of the PowerWeb Institute
• Dirma Janse, Teacher Science Vision at TU Delft

Bonus: most Faculty Graduate Schools reward you as well with a credit!

We are very enthusiastic about this event and do hope you will join. Whether you are just starting or are at the end of your research. Learn from one another and make contact in these difficult Corona times.