Student projects

MSc/BSc thesis projects

Within our research group, we frequently have vacancies for MSc. (and BSc.) thesis projects. Often there are project available related to ongoing research lines of our PhD students, such as experimental hydrodynamics of bioreactors (with Rik Volger), efficient models for bioprocess optimization (with Hector Maldonado), and simulation/experimental characterization of cell culture bioprocesses (Ramon van Valderen, Miki Segami, Mariana Carvalho). Feel free to reach out to me or the PhD students in charge of these projects to discuss the possibilities.

In addition, there are a number of specific vacancies currently open, often in collaboration with other sections:

  • CFD analysis and downscaling of an e.coli based process (with Suresh Sudarsan, DTU)
  • CFD modelling of expanded bed reactors with a novel modelling approach
  • CFD modelling of particle interactions in spray dyers (with Gabrie Meesters, ChemE)
  • Design of microfluidic scale-down cultivation systems (with Volkert van Steijn, ChemE) 

In case the general objectives of our group resonate with you, but you want to consider other graduation project options or have own ideas that you want to discuss, also feel free to reach out. We are generally interested in project related to simulation of industrial fermentation (using various CFD approaches as well as coarse-grained models, focusing on both hydrodynamic description and cell-environment interaction), experimental assessment of bioreactor hydrodynamics (mass transfer, multiphase dynamics, mixing; lab work + data analysis development) and novel approaches to scale-up/scale-down of bioprocesses. 

So, are you an LST or Chem Eng. student with a strong interest in process modelling and industrial biotechnology, and do you have interest in taking up a research project in this field? Reach out to discuss the possibilities and your preferences. You can use the contact form for students to indicate your interest.