Henk Noorman

Henk Noorman is a Dutch national and was trained as a chemical engineer at Groningen University. He obtained a Ph.D. in systems biology at the Technical University of Delft (1991). He has been with Gist-brocades/DSM since 1994 and worked in various projects serving Anti-Infectives, Bio-based Products and Services, Nutritional Products, Food Specialties, Fibre Intermediates and the Corporate Research Program. There, he currently is Corporate Science Fellow for the competence area Engineering Sciences, driving strategic development and business alignment. Since 2012 he is honorary professor in Bioprocess Design at the TU Delft, and active in strong international networks on fermentation technology with collaborations in EU, US, China and Brazil. Special research interests: scale-up/scale-down, bioprocess computation, syngas fermentation.

Profile of Henk Noorman

Prof. Henk Noorman

Full Professor, Part-time