Imaging Data Platform grant for Elizabeth Carroll and Jacob Hoogenboom

Nieuws - 16 juli 2021 - Communication ImPhys

The EU regional innovation funding (EFRO) has awarded a 1.5 M€ grant to a consortium including ImPhys researchers Jacob Hoogenboom and Elizabeth Carroll. The consortium, further consisting of Gouda-based electronics and software company Technolution and the University Medical Center in Groningen, will together develop, validate, and use an novel imaging data platform that can deal with the massive amounts of imaging data generated by our novel multi-beam FAST-EM.

Within ImPhys, two postdocs (one with Elizabeth, one with Jacob) will start working on the application of FAST-EM and the imaging data platform for three dimensional high-resolution brain imaging using the zebrafish model system.

IMDAP: Imaging Data Platform, EFRO Kansen voor West II (1.5 M€ total program; 381 k€ at TUD)