Olivia Holm Weidlich joned ImPhys as MSc student

Nieuws - 09 september 2021 - Communication ImPhys

Olivia Weidlich is a master student in Biomedical engineering from Denmark. She will be exploring 4D functional ultrasound (fUS) capabilities in zebrafish. The project is a collaboration between the David Maresca lab and the group of Elizabeth Carroll. Olivia will be working under supervision of David Maresca.

The zebrafish is widely used to study neurodevelopment using optical microscopy techniques. However, adult zebrafish are opaque to light preventing the study of higher order brain function and behavior. 4D fUS imaging is a technology that captures neural activity via local changes in cerebral blood flow. The goal is to measure the brain and cardiac response of adult zebrafish using 4D fUS in response to optokinetic stimulation and visual challenges.

Olivia Holm Weidlich