IDE researchers win Best Paper Award in New York

Nieuws - 01 september 2022 - Communication

IDE Professor Pieter Desmet and Assistant Professor Haian Xue, alongside researchers Xin Xin and Wei Liu from Beijing Normal University took home the award for Best Paper in the Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship category at this year’s Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics Conference 2022 in New York.

Their paper, Emotion deep dive for designers: Seven propositions that operationalize emotions in design innovation, presents a five-day intense course that teaches “emotion-driven design”. It introduces seven principles drawn from design-relevant emotion knowledge that informed the design of the course’s overall structure and explain how they guided the development of learning activities and materials.

The paper aims to attract design educators who aspire to teach how to operationalise emotions in creative design processes to students with little pre-existing expertise in (or scientific knowledge of) emotion psychology.

The paper is based on 20 years of insights gained in the ID5564 (Design for Emotion) course at the TU Delft | Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. Beijing Normal University developed a course of its own based off of these insights.

This paper is open access and can be viewed here.