Cognizant and Delft University of Technology are stepping up to the next level of Cyber Physical Systems

News - 10 December 2018 - Communication

Cognizant Technology Solutions, one of the world’s leading professional services companies and Delft University of Technology have joined forces to embark on a technology research collaboration. This partnership will see a TU/Delft team of PhD/post-Doc level researchers under the guidance of eminent Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science (EEMCS) faculty collaborating with research leaders and senior engineers from Cognizant’s Global Technology Office.

"Technology domains such as the interaction between AI and humans, performance and security of IoT and the interplay between computer science and robotics will impact the world in the future. We are proud that we can work together with leaders such as Cognizant in these emerging fields and in that way bring technology quicker to a robust and implementable state through applied research," says John Schmitz, dean of the faculty EEMCS. “Science is an indispensable driving force behind technical innovation. In the fields of HyperEdge Sensing, Internet of Touch, Internet of Robots and Secure Digital Transformation, steps are already being taken within the EEMCS faculty at a fast pace. There is a need to share knowledge for greater societal and industrial impact. The development of this technology will be a big step forward, aided with the funding of six researchers over a four-year period.”

Aan Chauhan, CTO of Cognizant says "As a company that believes in being ahead of the curve when it comes to digital technology, Cognizant collaborates with leading academic institutions worldwide in R&D initiatives to drive impactful application of leading edge digital technology. Our group is actively engaged in research on swarm robotics, tactile internet, edge computing as part of our overall focus in the field of cyber physical systems. It is fantastic to see how the new generation of researchers embrace technology and apply it to various industrial and social needs. Our vision is to synergize across academia and industry to create disruptive innovation. We are very excited to partner with Delft University of Technology and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial collaboration.”

“We believe in developing relationships with premier institutions and engaging with young minds in different geographies to look at problems of the future that can be solved through research and digital technology advancements. Towards this end we are happy to be partnering with TU Delft for high end research that can make a difference to industries and to society as a whole through application of technology.” says Manoj Mehta, Senior Vice President, Cognizant Continental Europe.

Through this joint research initiative, best minds from both the academic institution and the industry leader, will work towards finding and bringing to life, solutions for cutting edge technology problems of the future such as Internet of Robots, HyperEdge sensing, Secure IoT, and Haptics.