New 3D echo technique improves diagnosis of vascular diseases

News - 20 November 2018 - Communication

The NWO has announced which new research programmes may start in the so-called 'Perspective for the Top Sectors' programme, with a total budget of 28 million euros. Within these research programmes, scientists collaborate with companies and civil society organisations on new research lines that transcend the boundaries of scientific disciplines. TU Delft is involved in five of the six programmes awarded.

EEMCS is directly involved in the Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging for Extended Diagnosis and Treatment of Vascular Disease (ULTRA-X-TREME) programme. Twente University has the important role as programme leader and works together with Nico de Jong, Martin Verweij (both AS) and Michiel Pertijs (EEMCS).

EEMCS is indirectly involved in the programme Building molecules with sustainable electricity Electrons to Chemical Bonds (E2CB). Bernard Dam (AS) has the role of programme leader and can count on the participation of the faculties AS and 3mE.

This programme is in line with the research carried out within the e-Refinery consortium, a university-wide initiative of Delft University of Technology in which four faculties (AS, 3mE, EEMCS & TPM) join forces in the field of electrification of chemistry and energy. The researchers involved, who are active within this partnership, focus on the conversion of fossil fuels to renewable raw materials and electricity.

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