ID Education proudly presents: the Pluim awards 2019

News - 08 May 2019 - Communication

On Wednesday 8 May, the ID Education Committee presented the yearly Pluim awards during Pluim-Kafee. These awards are given to IDE staff by students, to show their appreciation. The Pluim awards included ‘Best bachelor course’, ‘Most inspiring teacher’ for both bachelor and the three master programmes, and ‘Most appreciated employee’. In addition, this year there was a jury award for the support staff.

ID Education is proud to present the following Pluim winners:

The Pluim for ‘Most appreciated employee’ went to Ismail Bozdag of PMB. This year the Pluim for ‘Best bachelor course’ went to Elif Özcan Vieira’s Form and Experience course. For ‘Most inspiring bachelor teacher’ the Pluim went to Gianni Orsini. For the three master’s degree programmes the awards went to Mark Sypesteyn (IPD), Rebecca Price (SPD) and Paul Hekkert (DfI). The jury award for the supporting staff went to Nel Pouw and Astrid van Smoorenburg of Quality Control.

ID Education would also like to give an honourable mention to all the nominees of this year. For the ‘Most appreciated employee’ Wiebe Draijer (PMB) and Floris Jansen (Service Desk) were nominated. The nominations for ‘Best bachelor course’ went to PO2 of Alex Visser and Design Visualisation of Jan Willem Hoftijzer. The ‘Most inspiring teacher’ nominees this year were Sander Mulder and Mark Sypestein (BSc), Wolf Song and J.C. Diehl (IPD), Gert Hans Berghuis and Roland van der Vorst (SPD), Maarten Wijntjes and Roy Bendor (DfI).

Photos by ID study association. Not on the photo: Izmail Bozdag (Most appreciated employee)

Most inspiring bachelor teacher: Gianni Orsini

Most inspiring SPD teacher: Rebecca Price

Most inspiring DfI teacher: Paul Hekkert

Best bachelor course: Form and Experience (Elif Özcan Vieira)

Most inspiring IPD teacher: Mark Sypesteyn

Jury award supporting staff: Nel Pouw (Quality Control)