Jasper van Kuijk contributes to the Dutch book "That One Student"

News - 21 October 2021 - Communication

Inspirational teaching stories are often about the impact a teacher has had on a student. But students, in turn, can also change teachers' view of their profession and themselves.

In the book "That One Student" (currently only in Dutch) by Volkskrant author Rik Kruiper, Delft design researcher and lecturer Jasper van Kuijk shares his experience of having students assess one another and a conversation he had with a student about this:

"Assessing students is sometimes an intense activity. Could we put that burden on the students' shoulders? No, that was not a good way to do this, I finally judged. Especially because such a group also forms a social unit. They work together intensively for six months and then at the end we let them measure each other. That's not a good way to leave a project, is it? The method, with bonus points, certainly had its advantages, but ultimately the disadvantages were outweighed by them. We stopped using it in the end."