Piet van Mieghem has been elevated to IEEE Fellow

News - 02 December 2022 - Communication

This week Professor Piet van Mieghem has been elevated to IEEE Fellow, in recognition of his contributions to quality of service-based routing and network modeling.

An essential component of IEEE's mission is honoring the accomplishments of its members. One aspect of that is they yearly recognition of new Fellows. The IEEE Fellow Committee nominates a select group of recipients for elevation to IEEE Fellow each year after a thorough evaluation process. Each year, fewer than 0.1 percent of voting members are chosen for this member grade upgrade. It was with great pleasure that the IEEE Board of Directors promoted Piet van Mieghem to IEEE Fellow at its meeting in November 2022. The title will be effective from January 1, 2023.

Piet van Mieghem's research interests include novel Internet-like architectures and algorithms for future communications networks, as well as the modeling and analysis of complex networks (such as infrastructural, biological, brain, and social networks). His academic emphasis has expanded to include network science rather than just telecommunication networks.