TU Delft designers set new vision for mobility in motion

Mobility|Society Live (21 June) brings together car designers, culture and contemporary dance at midsummer spectacle

News - 17 May 2022 - Communication

Mobility is usually thought of as cars, bridges and container ships.  But a group of TU Delft designers aim to lay bare the complex role of mobility in shaping our society. On June 21st  a unique public event will put the underlying role of mobility centre stage.  Project co-founder and creative director, Professor Matthijs van Dijk: “From the movement of assets and materials to the flow of people and ideas, by examining a broader perspective of mobility, our aim is to better understand how to design for society.”

Curious to discover more about the topic of mobility and contribute to moving the conversation forward? Tickets for this landmark event in TU Delft’s Aula are available now

From dance to discussion panels: what to expect at Mobility|Society Live

Starting at 15:00, the event will kick-off with a performance by the internationally-acclaimed, Nederlands Dans Theater. NDT2 will be dancing a rarely performed original work by Tom Weinberger: ‘The Most Fascinating Problem in The World.’ This will be followed by a series of key notes and discussion panels, including:

•    Emily Molnar, artistic director of the Nederlands Dans Theater, on the perception of self and the systemic consequences of individual human movement
•    Carolyn Steel, architect, author and lead thinker on food and cities, on the mobility of food and the organisation of urban life
•    Kader Abdolah, poet and writer, on the mobility of ideas and its societal impact
•    Mariana Mazzucato, author and professor in Economics of Innovation at the University College London, on the mobility of assets and how shifting flows of capital influence social structures
•    Ruben Terlou, documentary maker, photographer and physician, on the mobility of ideas and assets, inspired by his own extensive travels and VPRO documentaries on China.  
•    Adrian van Hooydonk, design director at BMW and TU Delft alumnus of the year 2014, on the future of automotive design
•    Annelien de Dijn, historian and author, on the concept of freedom and the understanding of mobility rights

Through the distinct mediums of dance, visual storytelling, and discussion panels, the speakers and audience will consider a series of questions on the values, principles, and responsibilities of mobility. Steering the conversation away from the status quo will be writer, political analyst, and activist, Nanjala Nyabola, joining Mobility|Society Live as moderator.

From 19:30, conversation will continue to flow at a networking reception, where food and drink will be served.

You are invited

Researchers, industry professionals, mobility experts, legislators, decision makers, students, and those interested in developing a new narrative on mobility are invited to attend Mobility|Society Live on 21 June 2022 from 15:00 – 21:00. Book your tickets here to experience a midsummer evening that moves.

About Mobility|Society

Mobility|Society is a visionary movement that seeks to encourage a new conversation around the concept of mobility, recognising that mobility describes all movements with intention, and that as a process, has shaped and continues to shape society on a fundamental level.

This movement brings together designers, philosophers, engineers, economists, activists, industry professionals and other thought leaders in the field of mobility. A project of TU Delft | Industrial Design Engineering faculty, Mobility|Society strives to develop innovative solutions and embraces the mission to create impact for a better society.

Learn more about Mobility|Society here.