Designing with TU Delft’s DHPC supercomputer

News - 24 November 2022 - Communication


The Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) will join the Delft High Performance Computing Centre (DHPC) and the Delft Institute for Computational Science and Engineering from January 2023. The DHPC opened on 20 January 2022 to allow researchers, students and teachers to use the computing power of this supercomputer, for solving and calculating complex societal problems and design assignments. Dean Caspar Chorus: "For a growing part of our design research, pure computing power is important, think of advanced visualisations and optimising 3D-printing techniques. It's great to be hooked up to, and be able to contribute to, this Delft supercomputer and its community of researchers."

Relevance for design
What is the relevance of supercomputing for design? We talked to several researchers from IDE involved in this topic. Here is a sneak peak of their stories.

  • Jun Wu (Associate Professor of Materials and Manufacturing): “The DHPC can help with structural design, determining shapes with optimal geometry.”
  • Jan Jaap van Assen (Post-Doctoral Researcher and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow): “You should see it as a workhorse a system for calculations.”
  • Caiseal Beardow (PhD candidate exploring Quantum Human-Computer Interaction and developing new mental models of quantum computing to improve accessibility): “Just by making it accessible within IDE, it will become more because of the way we look at technologies and design contexts. It will be transformed into a 'design material' in a different way and be more than just a 'technical thing.”

Eager to tell you more about supercomputing’s relevance to design, we have therefore started a conversation with people involved in this topic. Interested to hear about the relevance of design and quantum computing and what research has already been carried out? Look out for the next edition of the IDE newsletter.

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IDE has nominated Jun Wu as a participant in the DelftBlue Contact Goup.

Practical information DHPC
If you are more interested in the DHPC and what it has to offer, visit the DelftBlue supercomputer website.