Enrol in the Massive Open Online Course on Gender Equality in the Clean Energy Transition

News - 04 July 2023 - Communication EWI

A sustainable future is the only future. That is why the energy transition is so important. It is a worldwide, structural change to reshape energy production and shift away from fossil fuels, towards clean sources like hydro, wind and solar power. But even though this transition is a movement at the forefront of change, it is still lacking in certain areas. Most notably, women are significantly underrepresented in the energy sector and transition. TU Delft, together with many international partners, are working on solving this issue within the FemPower project and trough the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Gender Equality in the Clean Energy Transition.

Only 25% percent of individuals working in the energy sector are female. Which means that gender is a factor in the career path of women in the energy transition. And women experience gender-based violence and sex discrimination, as well as inequal economic independence and inequal pay.

Increasing the representation of women in the clean energy sector will expand the pool of talent within this industry, which can be a catalyst for innovation and will ultimately lead to a more effective energy transition. And this will ensure a healthy, liveable planet today and for generations to come.

FemPower is a Cooperation Partnership in Higher Education, focussed on a just and gender equal Clean Energy Transition. It is co-funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme. One of the objectives of FemPower is to develop the MOOC on Gender Equality in the Clean Energy Transition.

The self-paced MOOC contains information on the energy transition and gender equality. It also contains empowering testimonials and tips from female researchers. When taking part in the MOOC, you will learn multidisciplinary skills and insights that are needed to contribute and improve to this growing field. The MOOC also offers three online webinars to further elaborate on the topics. Weekly quizzes are also a part of the course and at the end you will receive an online certificate. The MOOC is open to anyone, from an engineering and non-engineering background.

The course is available from July 3rd, free of charge. The first webinar will take place on July 4th 2023 and will focus on justice and the law concerning energy and gender. The FemPower Summer School will take place from August 28th to September 1st, 2023, in the city of Thessaloniki, Greece. Enrol now for the MOOC and summer school and click here.