IDE alumni Emma Linders wins James Dyson Award 2023 with reusable emergency pen

News - 13 September 2023 - Communication

Every year, 150 million auto-injectors, used in the event of a severe allergic reaction for example, are burned after use. In the process, 120,000 tonnes of CO2 are emitted. Emma Linders, freshly graduated at the IDE faculty, designed a solution that reduces emissions by 60%. With the YpsoMate Refill, a reusable emergency pen, she won the James Dyson Award 2023. Congratulations!

Normally, patients throw away their auto-injecor, also known as an emergency pen, after use. With the YpsoMate Refill, they can easily return it via a pharmacy or by post to a Refill Hub. At this hub, the auto-injector is disassembled and disinfected through an automated process, after which the pre-filled syringe is replaced. In addition a quality check is done and the auto-injector is reassembled. The auto-injector is then sealed with a new drug-specific label, with a recognisable look for the user. The YpsoMate Refill was developed in collaboration with the Alliance to Zero.

The Alliance to Zero

Emma's graduation project is part of a wider initiative by The Alliance to Zero which, together with IDE faculty, looks at possible circular strategies to reduce the environmental impact of auto-injectors. 
Besides auto-injectors, other medical devices are investigated within the Sustainable Hospital Fieldlab. This brings us further our way to a more sustainable healthcare system.

About Emma Linders

Emma Linders just completed her master's degree in Integrated Product Design at TU Delft, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. She now works at the design agency npk design. Through her master's, she immersed herself in sustainable design, with the ambition to design products that have a positive impact on both the user and nature.

About James Dyson Award

Every year, the James Dyson Award looks for new talent in design and engineering. The mission of the James Dyson Award is to design something that solves a problem. This encourages young designers, product developers and engineers to find new and better ways to solve a particular problem.

Contact Professor Jan Carel Diehl for more information on IDE's collaboration with The Alliance to Zero and the Sustainable Hospital Fieldlab.