Integrity Policy

Showing consideration for others and for other people’s values, and respect for other people’s property: these are things we usually do automatically. It also goes without saying that we promote the interests of TU Delft in our work and handle public funds responsibly.

TU Delft Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct exists to help staff members, students and guests to act in line with the values that we find important, even in complex situations. For example, how should you respond if you see behaviour that you consider to be inappropriate? The code sets out what is meant by our core values: Diversity, Integrity, Respect, Engagement, Courage, and Trust (DIRECT). The code also contains the TU Delft Integrity Statement, with the basic guidelines that all are expected to act in accordance with. It also explains the responsibilities of staff members, students, guests and TU Delft as an organisation.

TU Delft Vision on Integrity 2018-2024

How do we deal with our responsibilities towards each other and towards society? It is important to regularly consider this together ánd to take action if necessary. This was reason for the TU Delft Executive Board to establish the “TU Delft Vision on Integrity 2018-2024”. The Vision takes compliance with the Institutions’ duties of care as described in the Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, that entered into force on 1 October 2018.

TU Delft Integrity Office

TU Delft strives to be both a leading university and a great place to work. At the heart of this lie our core values: Diversity, Integrity, Respect, Engagement, Courage, and Trust (DIRECT). The coordination of the TU Delft policies and activities on integrity lies with the Integrity Office. Whether you’re a student, a staff member or a guest at TU Delft, we can help you with your questions on integrity, and what to do if you have a specific query or complaint. We also want to hear your thoughts about integrity, integrity policy and what more we can do here at TU Delft.

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