Integrity Policy

"How do we treat each other and the outside world?"

Showing consideration for others and for other people’s values and respect for other people’s property: these are things we usually do automatically. It also goes without saying that we promote the interests of TU Delft in our work and handle public funds responsibly.

However, situations can always arise which are not clear-cut. Especially in current day society, in which the dividing lines between the professional and the private and work and home are fading more and more, and we are increasingly confronted with complex issues and difficult questions in our work.

Scientists can, for example, be faced with dilemmas regarding research financed by commercial funding or whether or not to accept additional positions. Students may also be faced with situations in which they need to decide where the interests of the university end and their own interests begin.

TU Delft’s integrity policy entails the ‘Code of Ethics’, several regulations and committees to support students and staff.

Roadmap for Matters of Integrity

What should you do if you suspect a wrongdoing, notice that something isn’t quite right, or find yourself faced with a conflict of interests? The first step is to speak to the colleague or student concerned about his/her behaviour. If this doesn't help or you want to know what to do next, try the Integrity roadmap.


Send an e-mail to the Department Strategic Development.