Architectural Engineering


The study domain of the chair Architectural Engineering is integrated building technology design. The completion of the master specialisation Architectural Engineering enables students to enter the professional architects training of two years, which leads to registration in the Dutch Architecture Register (SBA).

Both new construction of buildings and the technical transformation of existing buildings belong to the Chair’s domain, including aspects of sustainability and life cycle.The programme thus offers students instruction in innovative construction systems and (design) methods. On the one hand, the chair focuses on the coordination and integration of supporting, partitioning and climate and comfort functions based on structural, constructional and climate design. On the other hand the chair contributes to the interaction between building technology and architecture through the technical assembly, arrangement and composition of construction materials, construction products and construction components in sets of construction parts clustered into a structure or a building.


The mission of this chair is to educate and research in the fields of building technology and technical building design, particularly focussing on the technical co-ordination and integration of load-bearing structures, building constructions and building services on the level of a building. The building as a technical and architectural artifact and the making of architecture are central. Architectural Engineering is a design-related chair with a focus on technology on the level of the building.


The role of the chair in education is related to lecturing, and defining and supervising technical and architectural design challenges for students on the level of a building as a whole. Besides, the chair co-ordinates a master studio with the master track Architecture. This studio emphasises the integration of building technology in the architectural design.


The chair contributes to the research portfolio of the faculty. It participates in both the Green Building Innovation and the Compuation and Perfomance programs of the department Building Technology with researchers in the sub-program Concept House. Others interests are in the field of wind engineering and the application of new materials and developments of 'adaptive and smart' systems. Thijs Asselbergs