Housing Quality and Process Innovation

The chair Housing Quality and Process Innovation is based on process innovations that contribute to ensuring and improving the quality of housing. The most important aspects of this are: energy efficiency, environmental impact, safety and health, usability, of both existing and new housing. 

The energy transition of the existing housing stock is the main focus. In order to fulfill the major societal challenges such as a CO2-free and fully circular built environment in 2050, innovations of building processes, policies and regulations, and alignment with residents' preferences will be required in addition to new technologies. This is being studied from the Netherlands and Europe, but also within the Chinese context. 

The chair is involved in a large number of European research projects (Horizon2020, Interreg en Climate KIC). Henk Visscher is the coordinator of working parties in the CIB (International Council for Building Research Studies and Documentation), ENHR (European Network of Housing Research) and EFL (European Federation for Living).

Henk Visscher is also scientific director at the Building and Technology Innovation Center (BTIC). This is a broad network in the construction sector with the aim of developing knowledge and innovation in the field of:

- Integrated energy transition in the existing housing stock

- Digitization

- Circularity

- Infrastructure

- Climate adaptation

For more info: www.btic.nu

Prof. dr. ir. H.J. Visscher