Housing Systems

The chair Housing systems addresses system and policy issues on the housing market. The chair focuses - on both a national and international level - on the demand and the supply of housing and the way government is steering this relationship via housing policies.    

Housing market dynamics are the key topic of the chair housing market systems. Demographic, economic and socio-cultural developments are of importance for the demand side of the housing market. On the supply side, attention is given to (house)prices, new construction, transformations and the demolition of homes. Because the match between the supply and the demand site of the housing market is in many cases not optimal, the Government often tries to influence this relationship through policy interventions. This leads, however, in addition to improvements in practice often also to policy failure, especially when the alignment with other policies such as land-use planning and climate policy is not well organized. 
The chair develops theory, methods and monitoring systems at various levels, with a particular emphasis on general housing theories, housing economics and behavioral theories.