Campus management

MBE research has a long-standing focus on providing real estate managers with management information to support decision making. For more than fifteen years MBE has done research on the management of campuses, for universities and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. More recently this has been done in the European context and on specific aspects, such as sustainability and innovation. In this area, the research currently focuses on gaining a more thorough understanding of campus management at European universities of technology.

Selected publications:

Den Heijer, A.C. (2011) Managing the university campus – information to support real estate decisions, Delft: Eburon Academic Publishers [PhD thesis / dissertation]

Curvelo Magdaniel, Flavia (2017) (editors Den Heijer, Arkesteijn, De Jonge), Campuses, Cities and Innovation – 39 international cases accommodating tech-based research, Delft: TU Delft [based on PhD thesis / dissertation]

Valks, B., Arkesteijn, M., & den Heijer, A. (2018). Smart campus tools 2.0: An international comparison. Delft University of Technology. The book by Valks et al. is the end result of a research project commissioned by the Dutch universities. It documents the use of smart campus tools at the Dutch and International universities and companies. Bart Valks currently works on his PhD thesis about this subject.

Arkesteijn, M.H., Valks, B., Binnekamp, R., Barendse, P., De Jonge, H. (2015) "Designing a preference-based accommodation strategy: A pilot study at Delft University of Technology", Journal of Corporate Real Estate, Vol. 17 Issue: 2, pp.98-121, In this paper Arkesteijn et al. demonstrate how Preference-based accommodation strategy design can be applied in practice by providing information on a pilot study at TU Delft.

more recent publications: