Curriculum revision and educational leadership

Educational leaders provide direction for the faculty by ensuring that curricula are geared to achieving the highest possible quality. This calls for effective and motivated people with a clear educational vision when it comes to course content, didactics and organisation. Key themes include research into the structure, cohesion and flexibility of the programme, students’ study habits, study success, student culture and student intake and transfers. 

Key projects

  • PhD research by Erna Engelbrecht - Evaluating Innovation: Towards a framework for evaluating innovation in engineering education. BK promotor Remon Rooij, non-BK promotor Prof.dr. Marcus Specht. Sponsored by 4TU Centre for Engineering Education.
  • MaartenJan Hoekstra - MSc renewal aligning programs in order to facilitate interfaculty and interdisciplinary exchange.
  • Kristel Aalbers & Remon Rooij – Mapping Urbanism’s Curriculum Agility in co-operation with the CDIO’s working group on curriculum agility.
  • Havik, K. & Wilms Floet, W. Architectural design teaching approaches. Group Methods and Analysis, Architecture Department research program. The following themes have been outlined:
    • “Delft Approach to Architectural Education” in collaboration with all Architecture chairs: studio reflections of teaching methods
    • The critical moment of design invention: from analysis to design in the graduation studio creative imagination, design thinking
    • The scientific ground of architectural pedagogy, architectural education as the production of knowledge

Key publications