Curriculum revision and educational leadership

Educational leaders provide direction for the faculty by ensuring that curricula are geared to achieving the highest possible quality. This calls for effective and motivated people with a clear educational vision when it comes to module content, didactics and organisation. TU Delft is focusing on challenge-based education (TU Delft vision on education). Key themes in this include study behaviour, success rates, student culture and student intake. The educational innovation team wants for example to gain a greater understanding of the frequently-experienced issue of study stress in the teaching of design.

Running projects

  • van den Burg, L., & Rooij, R., Education for the city we need. A department of Urbanism vision on education.
  • Study Climate in Design Education. Unfortunately, architecture – both in education and in practice - is known as a discipline that never sleeps. It is a culture that is very demanding on people and hard to break. The aim of this project is to research study stress in design education and to understand better both prevention strategies and coping strategies. We will develop methods, tools and strategies for design learning and for design teaching to manage design education in a more healthy way.
  • Remon Rooij, Developing a teacher community in BSc Bouwkunde. In cooperation with Utrecht University, dr Eva Janssen and two UU MSc graduation students Education Sciences on Intrapreneurial Behaviour of Teaching Staff and on Informal Learning by Teaching Staff.
  • Havik, K. & Wilms Floet, W. Architectural design teaching approaches. Group Methods and Analysis, Architecture Department research programme. The following themes have been outlined:
    • “Delft Approach to Architectural Education” in collaboration with all Architecture chairs: studio reflections of teaching methods
    • The critical moment of design invention: from analysis to design in the graduation studio creative imagination, design thinking
    • The scientific ground of architectural pedagogy, architectural education as the production of knowledge
Past performance
  • 3TU Centre for Engineering Education (2016). Comparing Bachelor Curriculum Innovations at Three Universities of Technology: Impementing a new curriculum. Delft University of Technology / Eindhoven University of Technology /Twente University of Technology.
  • Komossa, S., Harteveld, M., & Cavallo, R. (eds) (2016). For Example Delft / A Case Study discussed in the Context of Institutional Profile(s) and the Future of Architectural Education. Proceedings of the EAAE Annual Conference 2016 in Delft. TU Delft Open.
  • Mudde, R., Pessers-Van Reeuwijk, G., Rooij, R., Verbeek, L. Wolff, R. (2017) Onderwijssucces. Van structuur naar cultuur. Eindrapportage van de evaluatiecommissie project Studiesucces TU Delft. Technische Universiteit Delft.
  • Nijhuis, S., Stolk, E., Hoekstra, MJ (2017). Teaching urbanism: the Delft approach. Proceedings of the ICE - Urban Design and Planning, 170 (3), 96-106.
  • Rocco, R. (2018). TU Delft UTC 2017 Report: Education for the City We Need: Exploring how to integrate the UN-Habitat New Urban Agenda in higher education. Delft University of Technology.
  • Rooij, R. (redactie) (2016). Zelfevaluatie bachelorvernieuwing Bouwkunde / TU Delft. In het kader van het TU Delft ‘Koersen op Studiesucces’ programma. O&S, faculteit Bouwkunde, Technische Universiteit Delft.
  • Rooij, R., Aalbers, K., van Loon, F. (2019). Stimulating Engineering Education Research: Staff development & competencies, community building, and educational leadership. Workshop at the 2019 CDIO conference in Aarhus, Denmark.
  • Rooij, R., Aalbers, K., van Loon, F. (2019). Stimulating Engineering Education Research: Staff development & competencies, community building, and educational leadership. Workshop at the 2019 TU Delft Education Day in Delft, the Netherlands.