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Delft Global Scholarship Fund

For many talented students in developing countries, it is often not feasible to study at a world-class university of technology. TU Delft and Delft University Fund have therefore launched the Delft Global Scholarship Fund. These grants enable exceptionally talented and motivated students from low- and middle-income countries in South-East Asia, sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America to obtain an engineering degree at TU Delft.

The grants contribute to capacity building in developing countries and promote future leadership focused on sustainable development. The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a guiding principle for TU Delft.

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UFD - one-time donation Delft global scholarship fund
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UFD - recurring donation Delft Global Scholarship Fund
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Individuals, foundations and companies can contribute

A full scholarship for a two-year International Master of Science program costs approximately 60,000 euros (tuition fees for non-EU students and living expenses). You can financially support these scholarships as an individual or as an organization. All contributions are welcome. If you make one or more full grants possible, you can determine the region of origin or the field of study, within the preconditions of TU Delft | Global Initiative. You can, for example, spread such a gift over five years via a fiscally attractive periodic donation or build it up jointly with a group of Delft classmates, friends or colleagues. An Inheritance is also an option if desired. 100% of every gift goes to the Delft Global Scholarships.

My scholarship gives me an opportunity to change the state of building infrastructure in Africa. I fell for TU Delft’s all-encompassing Building Engineering track. It focuses on the architecture, structure and the technical aspects of buildings. It’s great to aim at solving problems in developing countries. I can apply directly what I am being taught to an actual case study in Africa.

― Dara Awe

Eelco Akkerboom