Tuition fees

Dutch + EU/EFTA + Surinamese

Dutch + EU/EFTA + Surinamese

Students with
  • Dutch nationality
  • EU/EFTA country nationality
  • Surinamese nationality*
2020/2021 Adjusted fees
Statutory fee € 2.143 € 1.084
Statutory fee first year students in higher education (bachelor) ** € 1.071 € 542
Exchange students Tuition fee is paid at home institution. Tuition fee is paid at home institution.
Students in a degree programme similar in level to the degree already obtained € 2.143 € 1.084
Bridging programme € 35,56 per EC € 18.06 per EC
External students from €6.000 from €6.000

* plus additional costs, see the overview costs page

** more information regarding the tuition fee for first year students can be found on

*** more information regarding the reduction of the tuition fee can be found on



Students with:
  • Non-EU/EFTA nationality (incl UK nationality arriving after 1 January 2021)
2020/2021 Adjusted fees
Institutional fee
Non-EU/EFTA students (incl UK)
BSc € 14.500
MSc € 18.750
BSc € 13.416
MSc € 17.666
Transitional fee
Non-EU/EFTA students who enrolled in or between the academic years 2011/2012 and 2015/2016 for the first time and have been continuously enrolled. The transitional rate will cease to apply if the student switches to a different degree programme.
End date was 31/8/2019
End date was 31/8/2019
Transitional fee
For non-EU/EFTA students who enrolled in or between the academic years 2016-2017 and 2018-2019 for the first time and have been continuously enrolled. The transitional rate will cease to apply if the student switches to a different degree programme.
BSc € 10.800
MSc € 16.199

BSc € 9.842
MSc N.A.
End date is 31/8/2021

Statutory fee
Non-Eu/EFTA students who have been granted Dutch “Studiefinanciering” and refugees who have been granted a UAF grant.
€ 2.143 € 1.084
Exchange students Tuition fee is paid at home institution. Tuition fee is paid at home institution.
Bridging programmes € 35,56 per EC € 18.06 per EC
External students from €6.000 from €6.000

You can find the Enrolment and Tuition fee Regulations here.

Adjusted fees 2021/2022

The Dutch government decided on lowering the tuition fee rate for the academic year 2021/2022 in regards to Covid-19.
The adjusted fees are included in the overviews above.
Please find here how this reduction is processed.

When you’ve already paid the tuition fee:
The tuition fee due was adjusted in our system and you will be reimbursed the overpaid amount after the start of the academic year. 
By that time we will inform you about the reimbursement and will ask you to submit an IBAN account.

When you haven’t paid the tuition fee yet:
You can transfer the correct/new tuition fee.
When we've received and processed your payment we will automatically send you an e-mail stating the received amount.

Payment deadlines

Start in the first semester:

  • 1 July (23:59 CEST): for international students who require assistance with visa/residence permit and/or applied for TU Delft’s housing service.
  • 31 August (23:59 CEST): for all other students

Start in the second semester:

  • 1 December (23:59 CET): for international students who require assistance with visa/residence permit and/or applied for TU Delft’s housing service.
  • 31 January (23:59 CET): for all other students

Payment methods

Select one of the following payment methods :

Bank transfer

For example you follow a Bridging Programme, you pay by your self, you have a non-Dutch diploma and pay for services


You (or someone else) can transfer the full amount. TU Delft must have received the amount by 31 August at the latest. This is July 1 for students who use TU Delft services. Please note: When paying from a foreign non-Dutch account number, there can be bank costs involved. You can check the costs with your bank. Make sure that you cover all bank costs in the total amount.

Please use the payment details below. Always mention your 7-digit TU Delft student number and your surname


Bank Account holder/beneficiary
Gustav Mahlerlaan 10
1082 PP Amsterdam
The Netherlands
BIC code (former SWIFT code): ABNANL2A
IBAN code: NL87ABNA0539856568
Account number: NL87ABNA0539856568
TU Delft SSC FandC
Admissions Office TU
Ms. S. van den Hoeven
Postbus 5024
The Netherlands

The bank will charge handling costs for these transactions. Inform at your bank about these costs. Make sure the total amount also covers these bank costs. 

Digital authorisation

Digital (direct debit) authorisation is only possible when you have an IBAN checking account (not a savings account) in a SEPA-country and do not require any extra services from TU Delft.

Extra services include:

  • assistance with your visa/residence permit and/or
  • use of TU Delft’s housing service (only applicable to new international students who do not already live in the Netherlands).

Fill in your payment details in Studielink.

When the location of your bank is in the Netherlands and your bank supports the digital (direct debit) authorisation, you will be redirected to the payment environment of your bank. If you are not redirected you will need to enter your bank account number in Studielink.

When somebody else pays for you, please indicate this in Studielink.

Making changes to your payment details

If you want to change your account number, please do this before the 15th of the month so we can process this before the next collection date

 You can change your account number in Studielink. If you are unable to do so, please fill in this form and send it to

Collection by instalments

Payment in terms

You can pay the tuition fees in 12 monthly installments via the digital (direct debit) authorization (see the collection dates below). The first collection includes an one-time administration fee of € 24,00, these costs are non-refundable after the first collection.

Collection dates
If you choose to pay in one lump sum, the fee will be deducted on the first instalment date.

Academic year 2020/2021

Academic year 2021/2022

24 September 2020

24 September 2021

23 October 2020

22 October 2021

24 November 2020

24 November 2021

21 December 2020

22 December 2021

22 January 2021

24 January 2022

24 February 2021

24 February 2022

24 March 2021

24 March 2022

23 April 2021

22 April 2022

24 May 2021

24 May 2022

24 June 2021

24 June 2022

23 July 2021

22 July 2022

24 August 2021

24 August 2022

Problems with you payment

When a deduction fails, , TU Delft will notify you. For more information, see the Student Charter.

Refer to the TU Delfts Liability and Conditions before you confirm the digital authorization in Studielink.

TU Delft will be lenient with the terms of payment of tuition fees. In principle, tuition fees will be collected at the usual times, but if collection fails, postponement is possible.  

Exemption from payment

When you have a second enrolment elsewhere or when you are an exchange student or you receive a TU Delft-approved scholarship.

In a number of situations you are exempt from paying tuition fees:
1. Second enrolment or minor student 

When you have an enrolment at one of the 4TU degree programs at TU Eindhoven, University Twente, Wageningen University & Research or TU Delft,  a registration at the other universities will be made automatically. 

For the following study programs at TU Delft, there are different procedures for registration and payment of tuition fee: 

·         BSc Nanobiology: register in Studielink and pay tuition fee at TU Delft

·         BSc Clinical Technology: register in Studielink and pay tuition fee at TU Delft

·         BSc Life Science and Technology: register in Studielink and pay tuition fee at TU Delft

·         BSc Molecular Sciences & Technology: register in Studielink and pay tuition fee at Leiden University

·         MSc Industrial Ecology: register in Studielink and pay tuition fee at Leiden University

For the abovementioned programs an automatically exchange of payment will take place. You do not have to hand in a proof of payment of tuition fee.

For the study Cyber Security you are to follow <link en/student/administration/enrolment/enrolling-as-a-minor-student-guest-student/>these steps</link>. 

2. Certificate payment tuition fees 

Are you enroled, and do you pay tuition fees at another institution of higher education (hbo or university) but also wish to be enrolled at the TU Delft? Request a BBC (Bewijs Betaald Collegeld/ Proof of paid tuition fee) at the institution where you pay the tuition fees. We only accept original BBC’s or BBC’s that are transferred digitally between the institutions of higher education.  

3. Exchange students

Students from a foreign university who enrol at TU Delft as part of an international exchange programme are enrolled for a maximum of 12 months. These students are exempted from payment of tuition fee at TU Delft. Do you wish to stay longer than 12 months in order to complete the Master’s degree programme? Then you are subject to the standard regulations regarding tuition fee, per the start of the 13th month of enrolment. Fees required from exchange students for visa and/or housing should be received by bank transfer before the deadline.

4. Scholarship

If you are granted a TU Delft-approved full scholarship which exempts you for paying the tuition fee yourself, you can ignore your payment details in Studielink.

Bridging programme

Students who follow a bridging programme do not pay tuition fees but a fee per credit to be obtained (EC).

Submit the completed and signed Reporting & Authorization form digitally. Based on this form, the amount to be paid is determined and collected (once) from the account number you entered. You can find this form and further rules here.

Overview costs

2021/2022 BSc & MSc EU/EFTA BSc non-EU (incl UK) MSc non-EU (incl UK) Surinamese Nationals Exchange EU/EFTA Exchange non-EU Fall semester*** Exchange non-EU Spring semester***
Tuition Fee €1.084 €13.416 €17.666 €1.084 n/a n/a n/a
Living costs n/a €11.750* €11.750* €11.750* n/a €4.895* €6.855*
Residence Permit/Visa fee n/a €192** €192** €192** n/a €192** €192**
TU Delft Housing fee €272,50 €272,50 ** €272,50 ** €272,50 ** €272,50 €272,50 ** €272,50 **
Total payment €1.356,50 €25.166 €29.416 €12.834 €272,50 €4.895 €6.855

* The Living Costs per year is based on rules of the Dutch Immigration Service (IND). TU Delft will refund the Living Costs, after deducting the Residence Permit/VISA fee and/or Housing fee, into your SEPA bank account approximately three weeks after starting your study programme in Delft. Make sure to bring sufficient funds to bridge the first few weeks after arrival in the Netherlands.

** will be deducted from Living Costs amount

***This applies for all Incoming Exchange students who do not hold the EU nationality 

Daily Expenses

Besides incidental and set-up costs, the costs of living and study, including food, accommodation, transport, books, and obligatory health insurance is estimated to be between 850 and 1,100 Euro per month.

More information at the Study in Holland website

Withdrawing application

If you want to withdraw your application before the start of the academic year, inform the Education and Affairs as soon as possible. They will inform you about the refund process if you have made any payments.

If you want to quit your studies after the start of the academic year click here for more information about unenrolment.

More information about Student finance for international students in university