Humans of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science

Student association W.I.S.V. Christiaan Huygens

Board 62

There is an informal atmosphere in their office on the ground floor. "We are always open for a nice cup of coffee or something tasty". Study association Christiaan Huygens (CH) is available for students and staff. Teachers sometimes drop by with a question. "Just recently, a request came in. Because we immediately started working with those involved, we had an answer fairly quickly. So we could return fast with a reply.”

“Our board (number 62) has been installed since the new academic year. We got to know all departments and during some introduction meetings, sometimes the best ideas bubbled up. In this way we also like to help to promote things, by using promotional channels to which a lot of students are affiliated.”

But what exactly does a study association do? "CH is based on three pillars: a career part, an education part and social activities. For example, we organise a symposium for students that provides insight into the possibilities after ones study. The TU thinks it is important that everyone can orientate on this in addition to studying. And that importance is expressed in the fact that the bachelor students are scheduled to actually be present on those days.

All events are organized by one of our committees for students. We only have a kind of 'guiding' role in this. The Hackathon is also something that is set up by students, for students.

An example of a social event is the ADSL: General Teachers Students Lounge. This is a drink that connects students and teachers. Everyone from EWI is welcome on 20 November next in the pub.”

CH is open every workday, from 09-17h (occupied on Monday morning due to board meeting).

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