Internship positions

The internship is a non-compulsory component of the study IDE, in which students can become acquainted with the professional practice of industrial design. An internship always needs prior approval by the internship coordinator.


  • An Minor internship during the Bachelor's degree programme (third year) lasts 18 weeks fulltime and starts usually in September or February.
  • An internship as elective during the Master's degree programme (second year) lasts 10 weeks fulltime (in the Netherlands or abroad) and start as soon as the student has time.
  • The internship needs to be a learning experience and must fit within the study duration, which is why internships should not exceed three to four months.
  • The internship should take place at a company under the supervision of a company mentor.
  • The company should provide a workspace, including hardware and software. Students are not permitted to use their own equipment or software provided by the university in the context of the degree programme within a commercial environment.
  • Internship and graduation projects can not be combined because they have different goals.
  • Internship offers are posted after approval on the notice board in the hall of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and on the IDE website.
  • The internships that are currently offered can be found <link en student faculties ide-student-portal education internship internship-opportunities _blank>here.

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Internship office IDE

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Intern wanted?

Does your company have a student assignment related to one of the Masters or Specialisations? Visit the cooperation pages on group projects, individual graduation projects or internships.

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