Bachelor Final Project

This is your chance to show what you’ve got, to express yourself as the designer that you are. The bachelor’s final project is a culmination of three years of learning and experiencing which you apply to solving a real-world challenge. It’s about demonstrating your journey of being, belonging and becoming.

The bachelor’s final project is both and ending and a beginning of sorts. It’s a chance for students to show who they are and what they want to become as designers.

Working with a real client, design a solution showing that you can execute what you learned in terms of design process and design techniques over the last three years. Select a project that will allow you to demonstrate your skills and strengths as well as the preferences you have developed.

Although each group of 16 students works together with two coaches, this intensive 10-week course culminates with an individual project. This time it’s up to you to design a solution that you think fits best.

At the end, it’s about being, becoming and belonging. Being is demonstrating skills and knowledge in the present. Becoming is giving a glimpse of where you want to go in the future. And belonging is about being part of the tribe, a community of designers.

Course Coordinators' perspectives

“I think this course is about being part of a design tribe. In a tribe, everybody understands what is happening. Of course, you work for yourself, but never alone.” – Stefan Persaud
“I want the students to be proud of their final project.  By coaching them, I hope they can look back and say I did a great job.” – Gonny Hoekstra

Stefan Persaud, Gonny Hoekstra & Sine Celik

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