Building a bridge between the physical and digital world, mechatronics integrates mechanics, electronics and computing. It can be found in a simple electric kettle that automatically shuts off at a certain temperature or a high-tech drone that sends images to a smart phone. This course explores using synergy to create smart, affordable, reliable and versatile consumer products in a human-centred way.

Mechatronics crosses disciplinary boundaries, combining mechanical and electronic principles to create products with intelligent behaviour. This elective course focusses on integrating technological, organisational and human aspects to create technologically advanced products for services and systems.

Gain knowledge and skills related to software, micro-electronics, embedded systems, control theory, mechanics, modelling and design. Use this to design smart products with an advanced level of automation, faster response, smaller size, and better integrated features at an affordable price. Consider the user experience by including comfort and function in design. It’s about creating synergy between mechanical and electronic components while striving for added value.

Pursue academic driven design by using theoretical knowledge to make informed, educated guesses in design. Experience design in practice by building your own smart product. Learn to continuously iterate from concept to prototype, building mechatronics competencies and the power of critical thinking.

Ultimately, learn that design is not about perfection. It’s a compromise that comes with creating something that beautifully balances technology, affordability and desirability.

Course Coordinator's perspective

“I love the final day of the course when the students make a presentation and show their final works. That they gain knowledge, that’s what I’m most proud of. I want them to build a unique competence in mechatronics design. Their competence is always my focus, but I also want them to also be happy and motivated in developing these new competences.”

Wolf Song