Are you enrolled at TU Delft? Then you can easily arrange your re-enrolment through Studielink. As from mid-May 2016 you can make a re-enrolment.
Here you can find more information about payment.


Your re-enrolment will then be managed via Studielink. You can use your Studielink account to keep track of your enrolment process. When re-enrolling you will normally be enrolled in the degree programme in which you were enrolled the previous academic year. In this case you should select the “possible re-enrolment” option in Studielink. If you wish to switch to a different degree programme or to enrol in a second degree programme (for instance a Master’s degree programme) then select the “new enrolment application” option in Studielink.

Re-enrolment not possible?

When your enrolment period has been broken up, you will need te make a new request for enrolment.
When in some other cases the "re-enrolment" button is not visible, you als make a new request for enrolment .


Studielink uses login through DigiD. Apply for a DigiD via (only in Dutch). Please note that applying for DigiD can take up to 5 days.

Tuition Fee

Besides your enrolment application, don’t forget to arrange the payment of your tuition fees in good time as well. You need to confirm the digital authorization in Studielink (Attention you will have to confirm twice). If your parents or a third party need to confirm the authorization, they have to confirm the authorization through DigiD. In case of doubt, please contact the CSa through our web-based form.

Once the enrolment has been completed TU Delft will send you a Notice of Enrolment.

Make sure you meet the registration requirements and the payment authorisation before 31 August.  Retroactive registration is prohibited by law.