Bridging programme


The AE bridging programme is a preparatory programme for the master programme Aerospace Engineering and is open to students that have finished selected programmes at a Dutch university of applied sciences. See to find out if you are eligible for admission to our bridging programme with your HTO degree.

Please note, only applications with the required educational background as mentioned on the will be processed.

The objective of the bridging programme

The major objective of the bridging programme is the further development of skills to an academic bachelor level. It offers the opportunity to further skill yourself in: mathematics, mechanics, aerospace engineering and thinking and working in models. After successful completion of this bridging programme within 2 years of registration you can be admitted to the master programme Aerospace Engineering.

Application & Registration

All applications for all TU Delft bridging programmes are processed by TU Delft Contact Centre. You can find all information about the application & registration procedure and requirements on this website of TU Delft:.

If you have questions about the application procedure, deadlines and the documents you need to submit, please get in touch with TU Delft Contact Centre.

If you have further questions concerning the curriculum, study planning, continuation in the Master or other study related matters you can contact the AE academic counsellors.

The AE bridging programme is a fixed programme of 51 EC, we do not offer individual programmes. It is therefore not necessary to determine your courses together with the coordinator beforehand in contrast with what is instructed in the general TU Delft application information.

Payment forms (in Dutch: Rapportageformulier and Machtigingsformulier)

Since every applicant at AE is doing the same programme for the same amount of credits (51 EC), the payment forms, the Rapportageformulier and Machtigingsformulier, will not have to be discussed beforehand and will be the same for everyone. It will be sent directly by TU Delft Contact Centre to all applicants after having registered in Studielink. This is normally done as of Spring.

For students that have already taken a few of the AE bridging programme courses as electives before: please also send in an official transcript with your grades and course codes to TU Delft Contact Centre to have your forms adjusted.

For further questions about the forms, please contact TU Delft Contact Centre.

Courses and regulations

You can find general information about the programme and its regulations in the document below. In here you can also find the course list of the programme.

For more detailed information on the courses you can best take a look in our study guide. In here you can find course descriptions, course materials and the year planning. Please note that mathematics courses starting with a "WI"-course code are taught in Dutch. For further questions, pleases contact the academic counsellors.


No automatic internship exemption in the master programme Aerospace Engineering:

Requests for exemptions for the internship in the master programme Aerospace Engineering based on internship experience in a programme from a university of applied sciences will no longer automatically be approved. This applies to bridging students starting as of academic year 2020-2021 and has been decided by the Board of Examiners AE.
It remains possible for students that believe they have working experience that can reasonably be considered being of MSc level, to hand in an exemption request to the Board of Examiners, which will take all exemption requests in consideration. More information on requesting exemptions can be found on the AE Student Portal > Education.

For current students: going to finish with your bridging programme in this academic year?

Then this is the procedure for applying to the master programme and track:

1.     You must register through Studielink for the Master programme when you (are likely to) meet the requirements for admission. You do not need to register sooner than towards the end of your bridging programme but before 1 May.

2.     After registration in Studielink and with TU Delft student administration, you will need to apply for the AE Master track. Do keep in mind internal faculty deadlines and track registration procedures. You can find all information on applying for one of the tracks of the Master in Aerospace Engineering on the AE Student Portal>Master.