Welcome at TU Delft

TU Delft campus offers some facilities to explore your academic and non-academic activities. The facilities are used for generating education purposes and other extracurricular activities such as sports, games, art, etc.    


TU Delft Library is the main library of the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), located in Prometheusplein 1 Delft, Netherlands and it is one of the largest technical scientific libraries in the Netherlands. Library offers some facilities such as study places, printing and copying, computers and Wi-Fi, VR zone for exploring education and research. (Check more on https://www.tudelft.nl/en/library


X is a place where you can develop activities other than academic, but invaluable nonetheless. X focuses on the needs of students and staff people by offering sports, games, art, crafts, reflection, and lifestyle activities. The offer includes everything from classes, ticket hours, events, and projects to free use of a student kitchen and living space and the ability to initiate activities and/or program yourself. 

With an X subscription you can: 

  • Participate in different activities for 30 hours in which you will be given tickets. 
  • Take part in all events for free or at a reduced cost. 
  • Make use of indoor and outdoor facilities. 
  • Work on your own technical projects at the ACT lab and play VR games. 
  • Speak to a specialist like a physiotherapist or counsellor or visit Boost. 

And purchase a fitness supplement in addition to X subscription to train in the fitness. X also offers more than 40 different courses. Signing up for these courses is not part of an X subscription. Every course has its own cost, which can be found on the course's page (Check more on https://www.tudelft.nl/en/x).

When it comes to elite athletes, there are currently 67 elite athlete students at TU Delft, including Dutch, European and World champions, and Olympic athletes. They compete in different disciplines such as rowing, fencing, judo, car racing and sailing. 

TU Delft offers active support by designing individual study plans for the athletes according to their academic schedule and competition expectations. Additionally, they have access to X facilities, academic counsellors, and the top-sports coordinator. Moreover, they are considered for being eligible for financial support and have access to technological innovations that aid them with their training sessions. 

One clear result of this supporting activities is that seven athletes from TU Delft went to the Summer Olympic games in Tokyo and four of them won medals (out of the 36 awarded by the Netherlands). Roos de Jong (Rowing) and Annette Duetz (Sailing) both won bronze. Stef Broenink (Rowing) won a silver medal. Dirk Uittenbogaard, a student in the Leiden-Delft Master’s degree programme in Industrial Ecology, won a gold medal for rowing (Men’s Quadruple Sculls). 

Besides sports students can also enroll in projects. One of the most famous projects is Nuna, a solar car designed and built at TU Delft by Vattenfall Solar Team formed by students. The  team has won 7 times the World Solar Challenge. Moreover, Nuna is also known for being the smartest solar car in the world able to detect and respond to obstacles, and being efficient when going up and down on hills.