KOOKID initiates a daily moment to connect for parents and their infants (1,5 up to 3 years old) by involving the child in the process of cooking in a safe, explorative and playful way. The child’s natural movements are utilized in a beneficial way by the various elements. This facilitates simple cooking actions like cutting, mashing and cracking. In this way, infants can proudly contribute to the dinner preparation. Furthermore, integrating KOOKID in the kitchen and on the dinner table helps the child to understand the transition from cooking to eating dinner, while given the opportunity to positively relate to healthy food at an early age.

In this exceptional graduation project (DfI) Lotte did not stop with a concept and experiential prototype, but with a refined, final (3D printed) product that has been improved in three iterations with fully functional prototypes and corresponding testing in context (dinner preparation with children 1.5-3 years old). The company involved, 10XBeta, a product development company based in New York, is currently seeking opportunities of crowdfunding for this project in order to bring it to market.

Furthermore, in addition to the high level of product refinement, Lotte had an extensive research phase in the beginning, including multiple observations in context, expert interviews, literature review and a collection of daily anecdotes by parents. Her design is the first design project that is fully grounded on the positive design framework, developed by Pieter Desmet and Anna Pohlmeyer, and thereby an exceptionally nice example that bridges research, education and design. In this line, we also published a conference paper on the research outcomes of this project: a novel approach to design for co-wellbeing of different user groups.