The assignment of this project was to design and validate a new domino downdraft extractor for the domino product lines of ATAG and ASKO that is able to extract the cooking vapours better than the BORA Professional in all home-cooking scenarios.

Graduation Project

Wouter Koomen
Rudolf van Heur (Chair)
Margreet Beets (Mentor)

Conclusion: The assignment was to design a new domino downdraft extractor that would better extract the cooking vapours of large pots. However, by deviating from more obvious solutions that rise from the cook-top to extract the cooking vapours, a completely new concept was created that brings solutions for: extracting from high pots; reducing noise; and increasing efficiency. This student project is relevant because of its research into new possibilities for extraction of cooking vapours that has led to a small technological advancement. The project also embodies the integration of this technique into an innovative product design. The new design stands out compared to the competition on the market.