Process & Forms

Mandatory progress meetings

Doing a PhD is a collaboration. Central to this is the PhD candidate, but many other people are involved as well. They collaborate with the PhD candidate in order to make it as successful as possible: supervisors, PhD mentors, and representatives of the departments and Graduate School.

Throughout the PhD development cycle the collaboration takes the form of a number of mandatory progress meetings. They serve to facilitate and document the research progress. These meetings are the place to explain things, make plans and evaluate results. Depending on the type of meeting, different people collaborating in the PhD process are involved. 


Forms & Guidelines

For some of the mandatory progress meetings forms need to be filled out or a report needs to be prepared. Below you find the affiliated documents for each of the meetings.

Please use Adobe Acrobat at all times to prevent any problems with digitally processing the forms. If you want more information about signing forms in Adobe Acrobat, please refer to this document.